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    It was Barry Gibb, who sang ‘It’s only words, and words are all I have…..” And that was all I had, stacks of them! So I bought a guitar and set about rectifying the imbalance. Fast forward 5 years when I put Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland on my turntable, it not only changed my musical life it changed my weapon of choice to a Stratocaster copy. Then I went about finding like-minded musicians and bands were formed and broken. Names like Total Disregard then Firemen, playing the local Melbourne pub scene, giving my own songs an audience for the first time. The dream ended quite abruptly with marriage, children and the great Australian Mortgage but the seed was truly sown. Songs kept coming and it wasn’t until I again had space and time in my life that I started my musical career over, this time with an acoustic guitar and a love and appreciation of folk and country songs.

    Two independent Cds, Heart and Mind in 2012 and ….a Little Faith in 2017 and a swag of songs in-between brings me to the present. A new Christmas single: Christmas on the Yanakie Isthmus and a new album: Night Sky Burning. I bury myself in my home studio, which is now into its 4th incarnation. Like many musicians I constantly straddle the many necessary rungs on the ladder to musical supremacy. Song writer, arranger, guitarist, bass player, percussionist, vocalist, backup vocalist, keyboard player, and the ever-evolving roles of producer, engineer, musical director and mastering engineer…..

    After all this, I still get my greatest enjoyment, just sitting on the couch, strumming my guitar warbling out my latest number one! I think it was Paul Kelly in his documentary, “Stories of Me’’ who answered the question of where to now, by raising his index finger and saying: ‘’just one more, one more song…..’’ and that is how it is for me…


    I have setup Southern Sky Music to introduce my songs as both a singer/performer and also for music publishing.

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  • There is nothing like the sound of an old, well-played Gibson....

    Playing Saturday Jan 25 Kernot General Store

    Saturday 29th February, Inverloch FC.

    Friday 6 March, Meeniyan Pantry

    Friday 13th March, Saluto's Wonthaggi

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    Recordings also available on: Spotify; Tidal; Itunes; Cdbaby

  • Latest Album: Now Available

    Night Sky Burning

    Night Sky Burning

    Ian W. Beer

    Released in December 2019

    My new album, Night Sky Burning, takes you on a journey of heart-felt balads, country road trails through to guitar-driven indie rock. Fuelled by the wild southern landscape where it was produced. Night Sky Burning is my third album.

    You can hear it on all the usual streaming sites, including:


    Just search artist: Ian W. Beer





  • Current Releases

    ....a Little Faith

    Ian W. Beer

    Released in September 2017

    Recorded and produced in my home studio, ....a Little Faith is my second album.

    You can hear it on


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    Heart & Mind

    Ian W. Beer

    Released in Dec 2012

    Heart & Mind, my debut album, recorded in my studio, mixed and mastered by Chris Sprake at Last Match Recordings.

    You can hear it on:

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